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Life Mottos Guide You as You Become
More of What You Were Meant to Be

If you do not have a life motto, I suggest documenting one is a worthwhile thing to do. You will find as I have that it changes as you develop. My latest one is:

Work Hard — Fail Often — Do Well.

This says so much.

Do not fear hard work. Persistence is the key to remarkable accomplishment. Just make sure you are working on things that are productive, contribute to your well-being and the common good, and give you a shot at having that fleeting feeling of happiness.


Live with Virtue, Strive with Character, and Thrive with Well-being

Failure is OK. It really is. It is also how we learn and progress. Do not fear challenges. Every mountain we climb only gives us a better vantage to really “see” what is next and next and next. Each view gets better and better. Those behind you build a life worth living.


The obstacles are not in the way, they are the Way.

Defining a motto guides you as you become more of what you were meant to be. But you must start somewhere to figure out life. Collectively, mottos are a tableau of your progress.

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