Your Moral Compass: A Practical Guide for New Wave Leaders

Your moral compass will save you much difficulty, even trauma. Throughout the ages, moral conduct has been an overarching concern. Why? Simply because society doesn’t work well without morality.

That’s why understanding this subject is essential for everyone – in every age and generation. Rest assured that having a good moral compass and using it becomes a natural part of your day, if you practice it. It’s worth the effort many times over. With understanding and practical implementation you learn to promote harmonious relationships, achieve business and personal success, effectively lead, and learn to thrive as you realize happiness.

Using a moral compass is vital now, and it’s vital to you.


Why do you need this book? Your Moral Compass (YMC) will help you:

  • Make the best decisions – YMC provides you with the knowledge and wisdom to make the right decision at the right time for the right reasons.
  • Guide moment-to-moment activities – YMC is your guide to living effectively and commendably by explaining the difference between ethics, morals, virtues, and character traits and, most important, how to practice each of them.
  • Thrive – YMC enhances your understanding of what it takes to expand your well-being and thrive.
  • Lead effectively now and into New Wave Leadership – YMC helps you know how to lead successfully as a New Wave MAGNUS-OVÉA Leader in our ever-changing reality.
  • Build a true legacy – YMC demonstrates the importance of building and leaving a legacy that lasts. How did you influence others? How will you be remembered?

Achieve well-being and earn respect with good character and New Wave Leadership. Leave the world a better place by following your moral compass.