Becoming a New Wave Leader Calming Techniques Techniques for Quieting the Mind

Everyone Has Ten Minutes a Day
– How to Start Clearing Your Racing Mind

The science of how to live well continues in an avalanche. We know that Being Good, Doing Good, for the Common Good builds brain synapses to grow the process. We also know that doing simple, routine practices do the same.

The result is your personal movement to:

  • Improve health and wellbeing continuously
  • Improve vital and vigorous age-appropriate longevity
  • Having happiness discover you as it should

I won’t go into the science of the above. I give you the gift of discovering your way forward:

  • It is not interesting; it is fascinating.
  • It is not informative; it is enlightening.
  • It is not encouraging; it is energizing.

So simple, so meaningful, so important to learning to enjoy what we have, and we have so much.

To the first proven practice: Simply begin altering your hectic day, or end it with a 10-minute meditation. I personally use the app called Calm. It is disarmingly simple to learn to clear your racing mind to begin retraining it toward that which makes real improvements where you need it most. Commit to it for six months to make it a habit.

This is about shaping productive practices and especially attitudes. Do this idea right so others fall into place naturally.

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”
— William Shakespeare

This is the method to apply to any idea for living with meaning.

Everyone has ten minutes a day.

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