Becomng a New Wave Leader by James KlopovicBecoming a New Wave Leader: Principles and Practices to Live and Lead Well

How can you live a happy, balanced life in today’s chaos and gain respect as a leader at home and work? Becoming a New Wave Leader explains a realistic path to answer this question. Those of us who learn to live with virtue, strive with character, and thrive for a lifetime become better at life with purpose. We become people and leaders who command respect and collaboration, model moral character, and inspire with vision and meaning. Organizations that hire for these New Wave values spare themselves liabilities, especially financial, while gaining employee and client satisfaction.

Decriminalizing Mental Illness: A Practical Model for Building Sustainable Crisis Intervention Teams

Every community struggles with keeping some of its members out of jail and productive. Decriminalizing Mental Illness (DMI) builds a permanent answer to an ongoing community problem—economically and effectively.

One of our most vulnerable populations consists of our mental health consumers. If we know how, this is one of the easiest groups to keep out of the highly expensive criminal justice system. Decriminalizing Mental Illness outlines an overall municipal reentry strategy to accomplish this. As important, the book links local project development to New Wave Leadership.

Your Moral Compass: A Practical Guide for New Wave Leaders

Your moral compass will save you much difficulty, even trauma. Throughout the ages, moral conduct has been an overarching concern. Why? Simply because society doesn’t work well without morality. That’s why understanding this subject is essential for everyone – in every age and generation. With understanding and practical implementation, you learn to promote harmonious relationships, achieve business and personal success, effectively lead, and learn to thrive as you realize happiness. Using a moral compass is vital now, and it’s vital to you.

The Honest Backpacker: A Practical Guide for the Rookie Adventurer over 50

Always have one foot in nature. Stop dreaming and scheming and hit the trail. You’ll return invigorated for the next adventure!

Preparing for a trip into the great outdoors can seem like a daunting task if you’re a first-time adventurer. Jim and Nicole Klopovic share a step-by-step preparation plan tailored to the novice adventurer. They provide essential advice and trail-proven tips on a wide variety of topics.

Little Stories: A Legacy of Learning, Laughing and Loving

Billy Don Martin (“Marty”) was my friend—the one true friend of a lifetime, that the Ancients would wish for us. Little Stories is an extraordinary memoir of a truly remarkable man. He was “with” me for over a half-century, including my years of writing Becoming a New Wave Leader. I dedicated the book to him because he epitomized the New Wave Leader.