Becoming a New Wave Leader

It’s a Fascinating Time to Be Alive

Somehow our Founding Fathers took the best of historical experiments in government and crafted the governance of our republic in ways that work. Although our system of government can engender divisiveness, the ever-adjusting balance of power allows us the freedom as a society to take our ideas and run with them. We are just beginning to see the splendid fruits of galactic amounts of information in the hands of multitudes who care to click on it and create the new and good.

We’re blasting through the information age to the molecular age and now to the cellular age of DNA and RNA. The finding that altering our RNA is the key to curing many of our most devastating diseases and defects has been heralded as the most significant innovation in human history. After years of looking through a microscope and against all odds, American biochemist Jennifer Doudna, a professor at the University of California Berkeley, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2020 for discovering the key to genome editing.

With information building geometrically on more information, we are tackling our thorniest issues. Every institution, whether it’s education, medicine, commerce, banking, the military, social services, you name it, is evolving to new potentialities. It’s sometimes wonderfully messy, but progress, after all, is wonderfully messy. As our republic huffs, puffs, and heaves into the future, so does municipal governance and the governed. We all have a part in it, even if that’s to enjoy the fruits.

Personally, one of my hopes for progress is being able to tell my car to take me to S&T’s 1904 Soda Shoppe in Pittsboro, North Carolina, for a banana split. Oh yes, my wheels will park themselves and wait patiently to take me home; my favorite tunes playing.

Hope you liked this story as much as I enjoyed telling it to you.

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Indeed. Thanks for the interest. Just writing the book “Becoming a New Wave Leader” has changed my life so much for the better.


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